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HGGamez's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 8 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 85 Points

2Pac Man

2Pac Man Unlocked 2/17/16
5 Points
Pass the Tutorial
Cherry Unlocked 2/17/16
10 Points
Find Cherry
Sleeping Ghost 5 Points Defeat an sleeping ghost on level 1
50 Cents 10 Points Rec with 50 Cents
Apple 10 Points Find the Apple
Banana 10 Points Find the Banana
Bone Thugs 10 Points Rec with Bone Thugs
Coconut 10 Points Find the coconut
Coolio 10 Points Rec with Coolio
Cypress Hill 10 Points Rec with Cypress Hill
Dr Dre 10 Points Rec with Dr Dre
Eazy E 10 Points Rec with Eazy E
Ghost Buster 10 Points Defeat 2 cop Ghosts on Level 4
Grapes 10 Points Find the grapes
Hammer 10 Points Rec with MC Hammer
Ice Cube 10 Points Rec with Ice Cube
Ice T 10 Points Rec with Ice T
Mango 10 Points Find the Mango
MnM 10 Points Rec with MnM
Pear 10 Points Find the pear
Pineapple 10 Points Find the Pineapple
Puff Daddy 10 Points Rec with Puff Daddt
Red Man 10 Points Rec with Red Man
Salt n Pepa 10 Points Rec with Salt n Pepa
Scarf Face 10 Points Rec with Scarf Face
Snoop Dog 10 Points Rec with Snoop Dog
Strawberry 10 Points Find the Strawberry
Veggie Smalls 10 Points Rec with Veggie Smalls
Watermelon 10 Points Find the Watermelon
Ghostface killa 25 Points Defeat 3 ghosts with one power pill, level 3
Suge Knight 25 Points Defeat Suge Knight
Fruitopia 50 Points Find all fruits
All Records 100 Points Make 2Pac Man Rec with 16 rappers

Medals Earned: 2/33 (15/480 points)

Major League Boxing!!

Return To Your Grave! Unlocked 4/10/15
10 Points
Get the undead arms and lose.
Head in the Clouds 10 Points Visit Mike DeBonis and Julian Smith at SoundCloud.
What a LoAd 10 Points Visit LoAd Cartoons on Youtube and Twitter.
Whoopsie 10 Points Get the welcome screen outtake.
You Spin Me Right Round 10 Points Visit The Spinwires on Newgrounds and Twitter.
Featherweight Boxer 25 Points Get 100 points without losing health.
Flyweight Boxer 25 Points Get 50 points without losing health.
Real Mature 25 Points Get exactly 69 points.
150 Boxes 50 Points Get 150 points.
200 Boxes 50 Points Get 200 points.
Lightweight Boxer 50 Points Get 150 points without losing health.
Heavyweight Boxer 100 Points Get 200 points without losing heath.
Maxed Out!! 100 Points Get 500 points.

Medals Earned: 1/13 (10/475 points)

Zombies vs Penguins 3

First Blood Unlocked 4/10/15
5 Points
Kill your first zombie
Crush on You Unlocked 4/10/15
10 Points
Crush a zombie
Daybreak Unlocked 4/10/15
10 Points
Beat all Daybreak levels
I Hate Zombies Unlocked 4/10/15
10 Points
Kill 100 zombies
Bullet Saver Unlocked 4/10/15
25 Points
Kill a Wares Zombie with the same bullet
Head Lover 10 Points Get 100 headshots
Help is Good 10 Points Check out the walkthrough
Indie Giving 10 Points Visit More Games
Smasher 10 Points Destroy 20 blocks
Above Normal 25 Points Get 91 or more stars
Bouncer 25 Points Bounce a bullet 20 times without hitting a Zombie
Detonator 25 Points Ignite 20 explosions
Extremist 25 Points Beat all regular levels with 3 stars
Midnightmare 25 Points Beat all Midnight levels
MultiKill 25 Points Kill 9 or more enemies with one bullet
Quick Reflexes 25 Points Kill a Burrowing Zombie before it hides
Wikimaster 25 Points Unlock all zombies in the Zombie Wiki
Annihilator 50 Points Kill 500 zombies
Completionist 50 Points Beat all bonus levels with 3 stars
Dawn of the Unheard 50 Points Beat all Dawn levels
Dusk to Dust 50 Points Beat all Dusk levels

Medals Earned: 5/21 (60/500 points)